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Letter 001 Sake & Beer  (Japan vs. USA)   酒とビール

Sake can be served cold, warm or hot. Cold sake is sweeter than warm sake.

How to use a microwave to heat sake? 
We’ve found the answer, about 5 minutes.  For more info check < http://www.takarasake.com/products/sakecocktail.html >< http://www.esake.com/Sake-Food/Etiquette/etiquette.html >

In Japan you can find many brands of sake and a few brands of beer such as Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo. On the other hand, in the U.S. you can find many brands of beer but only a few brands of sake.

It looks like sake is available in most states in the U.S. < http://www.esake.com/Store/store.html > For example, in
Minnesota you can buy sake and plume wine at liquor stores.

Sake contains, on average, around 17 percent alcohol. We can guess warm sake contains a little less alcohol than a cold one.

Oh, some time ago one of my friends from
Poland asked me, “Why the heck do the Japanese usually use small cups (sakazuki, ochoko) to drink sake?” I don’t know for sure the correct reason, but I could guess: It is customary that you’d better fill others’ cups with sake when the cups are empty. If a cup is small, you have to fill others’ cups with sake more frequently. More fillings may make people’s bonding better. 

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